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Refuge For Men Foundation

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The mission of the Refuge for Men Foundation is to connect economically disadvantaged youth and adults with affordable housing and services while offering community-based learning opportunities to youth between the ages of 12 and 21 that includes the mastery of barber skills, development of social skills and participation in experiential learning.

The Refuge for Men Foundation offers community-based, experiential learning and services through three programs,

  • REFUGE CONNECT: A program designed to assist with connecting marginalized youth and adults, including homeless, working poor and elderly with services and affordable housing.
  • REFUGE KINDNESS CUTS: Assist marginalized community members with grooming services to assist with professionally presenting themselves for an interview or employment.
  • REFUGE COMMUNITY CLIPPERS: A barbering program that assists middle and high school students, who are at risk of systemic problems including drug and alcohol abuse with developing barbering skills, developing basic social skills and contributing to the betterment of the community.

We will accomplish our goals by

  • Collaborating with existing agencies who offer resources that match the needs of our targeted population. This collaboration will include joint fundraising, production of events, direct financial contributions and sponsorships that support both youth and adults with improving their quality of life while positively contributing to the community.
  • Partnering with established educational programs to provide opportunities and resources to support the mastery of barber skills, obtaining of licensure and securing employment with a salon/barbershop as well as entrepreneurial encouragement and support.
  • Offering Community-based experiential learning opportunities for youth that includes offering services to marginalized members of the community who are homeless or identified as financially unable to afford services.

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